About us

Know My Plans has been shaped by the personal experiences and research of our founders, Margery McConnell and Iain Henderson. 

Our purpose reflects the fact that 1 in 3 people will experience loss of capacity or restricted communication due to illness, injury or other adverse circumstances during our lives. Know My Plans ensures that any appointed person or organisation can be well-informed to execute choices as closely as possible to those we would have made for ourselves.

Pin Point Accuracy

To deliver this, we have adopted an innovative platform where a person may easily record personal, private and confidential supporting detail reflecting what would matter to them. They genuinely control their own information and may refresh, adapt and change it as their experience and views evolve.

Secure and Confidential

Should it be needed, their appointed parties are granted credentials and access so that they can, in turn, share specific information with any organisation or agency for whom it is directly relevant. 

Easy Communication

With this ease of communication and access to detail, Know My Plans becomes the means by which all those agencies and professions with contributions to make to better outcomes for a vulnerable person can really excel in supporting them as they would have wished.

Beyond Legals

Our approach goes beyond simple legal instruments such as Power of Attorney, building real value on the principles on which these are based and sitting alongside them in any jurisdiction where they feature. We’re already exploring active collaboration for UK (England and Wales) legislation which is currently seeking more digital means of serving vulnerable citizens’ needs. 

Holistic View

Our holistic perspective extends to all dimensions of a person’s life – wellbeing, social, financial, medical, residential and legal. So we don’t fit easily in one category such as “Law…”,  “Health…” or “Fin…” tech  - but we are learning from the best of these and will collaborate wherever we can.


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